Mindhunter the ‘Mind Haunter’


After having watched one of Netflix’s recent series called “Mindhunter” I couldn’t help but pick up the book that inspired the making of this incredible must-watch-tv-series. I honestly had no other choice, or so I tell myself, than to binge-watch the whole series in three days. It was that interesting and exciting. The “Mindhunter” book was nothing less of an experience. Continue reading “Mindhunter the ‘Mind Haunter’”

20⏐My Year in Books⏐17

kaboompics_Lovely roseses, book and coffee

At the beginning of year 2017 I made the resolution to read at least 15 books over 200 pages. For many bookish people, this may not sound a lot, but for a student and person who was working full-time, getting so much reading done is quite the challenge and the pain when you love few things more than reading.
The good news is I stood by my resolution and can officially say, “mission accomplished”. Here I will share with you my reads and their influence on me. Perhaps you will end up putting some of these books on your to read list or be inspired to set a reading goal for yourself! Continue reading “20⏐My Year in Books⏐17”

Literally the Hottest Trends in Book World Right Now

thistlewhistkeWhen I decided to create this website I thought it would be a good idea to have an accompanying instagram account (@brewingbelletrist). Since my main themes are books and coffee, I decided to dedicate my account to following accounts with books and/or coffee related themes.

Now, every time I scrool down my book instagram account all photos are either coffee or book related or both. As most of you know already, books and coffee rarely go apart, except if the photographer is a tea drinker. The more photos I see, the easier it is for me to determine what kind of book decor is trending, what coffee cups are the coziest and which books seem to be the most popular at the moment.
Here I will make a list of what appears to me to be the newest trends in book world. Continue reading “Literally the Hottest Trends in Book World Right Now”




One winter day I got enough of the busy and noisy city life. My desperate plea for peace brought me to spontaneously purchase a bus ticket to a small town in Iceland called ‘Stykkishólmur’. I had never been there and didn’t know anyone there. Therefore, it was a perfect place to escape to and find quietness in isolation. I found great freedom and excitement in embarking on a new adventure to the great unknown with nothing or no one but books to keep me company.
My book of choice was Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women”, one of my favorite classic novels. Perhaps some of you have already seen the movie which came out 1994 and is starred by none other than Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Christian Bale (also known as the best Batman yet) and Kirsten Dunst. Most readers agree that the movies are most of the time a huge disappointment compared to the books, but in this case I must admit that the movie is just a beautiful and heart-warming as the book.