Literally the Hottest Trends in Book World Right Now

thistlewhistkeWhen I decided to create this website I thought it would be a good idea to have an accompanying instagram account (@brewingbelletrist). Since my main themes are books and coffee, I decided to dedicate my account to following accounts with books and/or coffee related themes.

Now, every time I scrool down my book instagram account all photos are either coffee or book related or both. As most of you know already, books and coffee rarely go apart, except if the photographer is a tea drinker. The more photos I see, the easier it is for me to determine what kind of book decor is trending, what coffee cups are the coziest and which books seem to be the most popular at the moment.
Here I will make a list of what appears to me to be the newest trends in book world. Coffee world may absolutely come later. In the end I will also mention other trends that are older but persistent.

If you want to become a fashionable insta bookstagrammer, prop your photos with any of the things in my list below and // bamm// your account will attract book lovers and look very professional.

1. Backward Books on Bookshelves.

This may be the hottest book trend right now, hence this being the first one on the list. I believe book lovers turn some books backwards to keep a mild, minimalist tones. You don’t want those neon yellow covers to blow up the earthy tone “cover”!

fabledcrowns  everlastingcharm10
Photo credits from left: @fabledcrowns, @everlasting.charm, @thistle.harvest

I have found other bloggers write about the disputes people have about the practicality of this kind of organizing books in shelves. Let each one decide for him-/herself. If you are one of those industrial chicks who like soft earth tones and wooden surfaces, you might like this way of displaying your books in your bookshelf.

2. Scented Candles

First of all, respect for those able to take decent photos of lit candles. If you scan through bookstagram profiles I can almost 100% guarantee you that there will be candles. I am guilty of this literally “hot” trend. It brings warmth, relaxation, good smell and coziness. What’s not to like? Besides, the psychology nerd inside me has a theory that most book lovers are somewhat old fashioned romantics at heart. Just as you would have dinner by the candlelight with your love, wouldn’t you do the same with the other love in your life? (#booksarebae).

Photo credits: @fabledcrowns, @introverted.bookworm, @everlasting.charm


3. Rustic Wood Serving Platters

These babies are really owning book photography. I believe they are the biggest photobombers of book photos right now. If you have every wondered what other purpose your breadboard may have, this may be its newly discovered desting; a model. Old fashioned, romantic book babes like their earth tones. What is more earth tones than wood? These wooden boards are perfect for those who like to take pictures on white bedsheets (and old and here-to-stay trend). They give stable stable ground and a nice swag to candles, mugs and books; those papered precouses, the reason my blog exists.

Photo credits: @thistle.harvest, @introverted.bookworm, @everlasting.charm, @fabledcrowns


4. Other Decor Props

everlastingcharm8 Thistle.harvest2
thistle.harvest6 everlastingcharm
Photo credits: @thistle.harvest, @everlasting.charm 

The most common “props” I see in book photography, and which you may  have already seen on the photos here above, are pressed flowers, leaves, plants, pine cones, polaroid photos, hippster glasses, writing utensils, journals and… cats of course! They make the sweetest and cuddliest book buddies.

And… that’s it! For now.

Have you noticed any other bookish trends I haven’ mentioned above? If so, please comment below and share with me! I am quite the curious kitty.


…// Sahara //…


Photo credits: @everlasting.charm

P.s. Many special thanks to the following instagram photographers for their beautiful photos:

They are my inspiration for this blog post and living examples of the lovely bookish trends I mentioned. Check out their beautiful feeds on instagram!


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